Flex3 Powerbank


Flex3 – Flexible, sustainable, powerful

The Powerbank Flex3 contains one battery type 18650 (included).

Usable with F1R, H8R, MH10, MH11, ML6, ML6 Connect WL, ML6 Warm Light,MT10, NEO10R, P6R Core, P6R Signature, P6R Work, P7R, PL6, iA6R,iH11R, iH8RTECHNICAL

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Flex3 - Flexible, sustainable, powerful

Ledlenser Powerbank - Innovative 6-in-1 Power Bank

Flexible, sustainable, powerful – this is what distinguishes our Powerbanks belonging to the Flex series. Offering six functions in a robust and water-resistant housing it provides: powerbank, battery charger with charge level indicator, secure battery storage, two separate displays for capacity check, double protection against short circuits, fast battery replacement. The Powerbank Flex3 contains one battery type 18650 (inclu- ded).

  • Powerbank for charging mobile devices
  • Green concept: less electronic waste as used batteries can be replaced
  • Suitable for outdoor activities due to water and dust protection IP65 / special USB ports
  • Charger with up to 30% shorter charging time (compared to charging in e.g. a flashlight P7R)
  • Included batteries can be used directly in the suitable products, thus no loss of capacity or time

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions8.5 × 14.5 × 3.5 cm


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