Helmet Mount for Euroslot Type A


Mounting Adapter (Requirement)
This adapter enables the connection between flashlight and the versatile Ledlenser Connecting System, additional accessory brackets and mounts.

Hard hat mount (a common feature on a many industrial hard hats) for 30mm Euroslot – the inclination angle of the light is continuously adjustable to optimally illuminate the work area.

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Helmet Mount for Euroslot Type A

With this helmet adapter, many Ledlenser lamps can easily be connected to the familiar 30mm Euroslot system thanks to the Ledlenser Connecting System, allowing easy attachment to the helmet.
The lamp can be rotated through 360° in the fixation and thus becomes a flexible headlamp while your hands remain free.
Compatible Ledlenser flashlights additionally require the respective Lamp Adapter to use the system.


 Length  6.7 cm
 Width  4.8 cm
 Height  1.5 cm
 Weight  10.6 g
 Material  PA




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