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K6R Safety Light and Alarm: The Guardian Angel on Your Key Ring



Brightens up everyday life and helps in an emergency: the Ledlenser K6R Safety mini lamp combines bright light and safety functions.

Johor, March 2022 – The multifunctional K6R Safety keyring lamp can be easily attached to a key ring or handbag with a snap hook – and is thus immediately at hand to illuminate dark corners and paths and increase your own visibility. Despite its compact format, it shines much brighter than any smartphone and also comes with special safety features such as a piercing alarm tone and a particularly bright, irritating strobe mode. Both can ward off potential attackers and attract attention at the same time.

k6r safety post ledlenser

The K6R Safety also complements the current lifestyle with its appearance: the brushed aluminium housing fits the design of high-quality smartphones. The elegant accessory is available in either grey or rose gold.

k6r safety ledlenser

To ensure that the universal everyday helper is always ready for use, it contains a rechargeable battery that can be conveniently and quickly charged via a fold-out USB interface. The Li-Ion battery is permanently installed in the housing, no cables or batteries are required. In Power mode, the lamp can be used for 1.5 hours before it has to be connected to the mains again; in Low Power mode, it can be used for up to 8 hours. The battery is simply charged via the practical fold-out USB-A interface, for example on the computer during the working day. 

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Whether on the way home in the evening, searching for the keyhole or in a dangerous situation: with three light modes and an additional stroboscope, the handy torch offers a wide range of uses and can help not only women feel safer in the dark.

k6r safetyledlenser post

 The modes of the K6R Safety are selected simply by pressing the control button. In case of danger, a short pull on the extra pin is enough: a shrill alarm signal sounds immediately, and the strobe mode starts at the same time. This very fast flashing light, which is also used by the police and security services, can additionally blind attackers. This can also quickly alert other people to a dangerous situation. The pin is placed in such a way that it is easy to reach, but cannot be pulled accidentally.

Light Values for K6R Safety

k6r safety light value ledlenser

In the Low Power setting, 20 lumens (lm) shine up to 15 metres away, in the Power mode, 200 lumens brighten up surroundings at a distance of up to 50 metres. If there is the need to get very bright quickly, the Boost mode displays its strengths: In this mode, 400 lm are activated for a short time – the K6R Safety illuminates a distance of up to 80 metres. For comparison: 200 lumens correspond roughly to the light of a 25-watt incandescent light, 400 to that of a 40-watt lamp.

k6r safety diameter ledlenser

The K6R Safety is about the size of a compact car key and thus fits even in a jacket or trouser pocket: it is 66 mm short, its diameter is 30 mm and it weighs only 32 grams including the battery. After 180 minutes, the small K6R, K4R, Strobe Mode, Boost Mode, Alarm Light Helper are charged and ready for the commute. And the switchable electronic key lock, accidental switching on, e.g. in a trouser pocket, can be avoided.

In addition to the K6R Safety, Ledlenser also offers two other new models for the key ring: the K6R with eye-protecting red light function and the K4R with 120 lumens and three light modes.


Prices and availability

The K6R Safety keychain light is available at the price of RM128.00. 

Torches from Ledlenser are available in well-stocked specialist shops and in the Ledlenser online shop: .

Further information about Ledlenser K6R Safety is available at: 

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