Ledlenser shines a light for Doctors Without Borders


Blog banner Ledlenser shines a light for Doctors Without Borders

For the third year already, the lighting experts are supporting the globally active organisation for medical emergencies

Solingen, April 2021 – On 26 April, Ledlenser presented a donation cheque amounting to 3,000 euros to Dr. Jens Hahn from Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. (Doctors without Borders) at the company headquarters in Solingen. 

In addition, a P7R Signature premium torch was also presented, because reliable lighting can prove vital, especially during rescue missions. As an official 2021 partner company, the Solingen-based company wants to support the independent humanitarian organisation again this year in providing medical care to those affected by disasters under the additionally aggravated conditions caused by the pandemic. 

The organisation has adapted existing projects in more than 70 countries to the challenges posed by the coronavirus and has set up special Covid-19 projects in many places, for example in crisis-ridden Yemen. 

The German section of the aid organisation is financed only by private donations and grants. This makes it possible to work independently and thus free of political or economic interests. This allows the organisation to focus exclusively on the needs of the people.

Blog banner Ledlenser shines a light for Doctors Without Borders

“It is very important to us to continue to be one of the official partner companies of Doctors without Borders in 2021. The current situation during the pandemic makes the importance of high-quality medical care particularly clear to us. In these times, more than ever, every contribution to helping people in need is essential. We would like to continue supporting the organisation on this mission,” says Thomas Willing, Managing Director of Ledlenser.

Blog banner Ledlenser shines a light for Doctors Without Borders

The donation of 3,000 euros, for example, will be used to buy around 270 sets of protective equipment to protect employees from infection – including during vaccination campaigns.

“The support from companies like Ledlenser is very important for us,” says Christian Katzer, Managing Director of Doctors Without Borders in Germany.

“The donation makes our independent emergency medical aid worldwide possible in the first place. Thanks to Ledlenser’s donation, we can help in politically charged contexts like Yemen.”

Doctors Without Borders has set up Covid 19 treatment centres there and treated many people who have fallen ill; the teams have trained medical staff and equipped testing laboratories. In addition, the organisation treats many malnourished children in the country, attends births and provides surgical care for the injured. 

As everywhere, the international organisation helps quickly, efficiently and unbureaucratically – without asking about the origin, religion or political convictions of the people affected.

Blog banner Ledlenser shines a light for Doctors Without Borders

The aid organisation’s staff work in over 70 countries and provide more than ten million medical consultations worldwide every year. For example, they treat around 2.6 million malaria patients – in areas where there is otherwise hardly any medical care. In addition, the teams care for sick and wounded people, look after malnourished children and provide clean drinking water and latrines.

In 1999, Doctors Without Borders was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its commitment.

Further information at: www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.de

Blog banner Ledlenser shines a light for Doctors Without Borders

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