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Ledlenser NEO series

For beginners, city runners, forest runners or trail runners: the four headlamps in the new NEO series from Ledlenser provide the optimum light for different types of runners and terrains. 

Johor, March 2022 – Athletes are free to train whenever they want – even in the dark, when using headlamps. The new NEO series from Ledlenser now helps active people on their way to top form with four powerful models:

  • NEO1R
  • NEO3
  • NEO5R
  • NEO9R

Choose Ledlenser NEO Series: The Ultimate Light for Runners in Malaysia

When it comes to finding the perfect headlamp for your running adventures, Ledlenser’s new NEO Series stands out as the top choice. Designed with the needs of runners in mind, these headlamps combine cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and unmatched comfort to elevate your running experience to new heights.

  1. Tailor-made Light for Every Run:
    Ledlenser understands that runners have diverse preferences and encounter different terrains. That’s why the NEO series offers a range of headlamp models to suit various running styles. Whether you’re a beginner, city runner, forest runner, or trail runner, Ledlenser has the perfect light for you.

  2. Powerful Illumination:
    With high-quality LED technology, the NEO series delivers powerful and efficient illumination. The optimized light patterns ensure optimal visibility both up close and in the distance, allowing you to navigate safely through any running route, even in low-light conditions.

  3. Lightweight and Ergonomic Design:
    The NEO series headlamps are designed with the utmost consideration for your comfort. They are lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed to provide a secure fit during your runs. You won’t even notice you’re wearing them, allowing you to focus solely on your performance.

  4. Clever Features:
    Ledlenser NEO headlamps come equipped with intelligent features that enhance your running experience. The Fusion Beam technology ensures a uniform light image, even during fast-paced activities. Temperature Control prevents overheating, providing reliable performance throughout your run.

  5. Trusted by Professionals:
    The NEO series has gained recognition and trust from professional athletes, including renowned trail runner Xavier Thevenard, a three-time UTMB© winner. If these headlamps meet the high standards of elite runners, you can be confident in their performance and reliability.

  6. Available in Malaysia:
    Ledlenser’s NEO Series headlamps are now available in Malaysia, exclusively in black/grey color variants. Choose from the NEO1R, NEO3, NEO5R, and NEO9R, each tailored to meet specific running needs and priced competitively.

Elevate your running experience with Ledlenser’s new NEO Series headlamps. Don’t compromise on your safety and performance – choose the best light for runners. Visit our website or authorized retailers to explore the NEO series and embark on your next running adventure with confidence.

the 39 g of NEO1R fits any pocket, NEO3 and NEO5R are handy all-rounders for sporting activities in the city, and the extremely bright NEO9R has been specially designed for trail runners. Three-time UTMB© winner and ultra runner Xavier Thevenard also relies on the new NEO series for training and competition. All models are equipped with clever functions: for example, Fusion Beam ensures a homogeneous light image even during fast activities and Temperature Control protects against overheating.

Ledlenser NEO1R NEO series

The ultra-compact NEO1R is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a lightweight, small yet powerful headlamp, e.g. for a quick after-work run or as a backup lamp for everyday outdoor activities.

In addition to the three available white light modes (250 lm, 150 lm, 20 lm), the lamp also has a powerful red light that comes in extremely handy when reading maps or staying in a mountain hut.

The modes are easily changed at the touch of a button, which also works smoothly when the lamp is being used. The elastic reflective headband ensures a comfortable fit.

It is removable and washable at 30 degrees. The battery is charged using the magnetic charging cable supplied.

Ledlenser NEO3 NEO series

The NEO3 offers four light modes between 400 lm and 20 lm.

It is powered by three AAA alkaline batteries and is therefore suitable for occasional runners.

It is also a reliable outdoor companion when there are no charging options, for example during a camping weekend in the great outdoors. 

Runners are clearly visible from all sides with the flashing red rear light and reflective headband. 

The lamp can also be placed around the chest or waist with the included and simple-to-install strap to avoid dazzling anyone in a running group. 

Ledlenser NEO5R NEO series

The compact NEO5R headlamp guides runners safely through night and fog in urban environments.

This is ensured by its bright light pattern: it has been specially adapted to vision during fast movement in order to always optimally illuminate the near and far range. 

Four light modes between 600 lm and 20 lm are available.  Depending on the degree of darkness, these can be easily changed – even while running.

 This is particularly useful if the route is longer or leads through areas with different levels of illumination. 

The lamp head can be swiveled continuously, so the light can be adjusted individually. 

The battery sits comfortably at the back of the head, ensuring a balanced weight distribution. 

The flashing red rear light and the reflective headband, runners are clearly visible from all sides. 

To avoid dazzling anyone in running groups, the lamp can alternatively be fastened around the chest or waist with the supplied and easy-to-install strap.

Ledlenser NEO9R NEO series

NEO9R – Power pack for ambitious trail runners

Trail running is characterised by long runs in rough terrain during the evening and night hours.

The NEO9R is designed to meet these tough demands. Ledlenser has combined several light sources in this extremely powerful headlamp to optimally illuminate the near and far range in every situation.

In Mid Power mode, the lamp offers 200 lm and 60 metres of light range – for up to 12 hours.

The powerful Li-Ion battery ensures that the lamp can be used for five hours even in Power mode with 600 lm and a range of 120 metres.

Even in critical situations, the NEO9R is a safe companion: in Boost mode, light with 1200 lm can be activated in daylight brightness for a short time.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, the battery is equipped with a status LED, so you can always keep an eye on the charge status.

In addition, there are other features such as the swivelling lamp head, with which the light cone can be individually adjusted.

This model also has a flashing red rear light and a reflective headband for high visibility from all sides.

The elastic overhead strap offers a particularly secure fit even in rough terrain. 

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The campaign face of the NEO series is Xavier Thevenard. The French ultra runner has already won the biggest trail running event in the world, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, three times. He can concentrate on the essentials thanks to the NEO9R: “When I switch on my Ledlenser lamp for a long run in the mountains, a pleasant solitude comes over me. In those hours, it feels like time is flying.”

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