The new P and H series from Ledlenser are available now


New P and H Series Headlamp Flashlight Ledlenser 001

The innovative torches and headlamps of the Core, Work and Signature series provide the right light for every usage. 

In everyday life, on construction sites or during outdoor activities: Depending on the occasion and requirements, the demands placed on mobile light sources vary. Ledlenser therefore offers the P-series torches and the H-series headlamps in three versions each: Core is the basic line for every day, Work includes extra robust work aids and Signature stands for the most demanding applications. The reliable torches in a clear design offer selected features such as the patented Advanced Focus System or Smart Light Technology for individual programmability, depending on the model. With their intuitive operation via the multifunction switch, ergonomic design and powerful LEDs, the high-quality headlamps provide precise light in every situation. Colour filters, adapters, mounting solutions and other accessories are optionally available and can be conveniently connected to the respective lamp with a click – for a wide range of applications.

Universally applicable: Core models bring light to everyday life

Ledlenser has developed the core models of the P-series torches for everyday use, whether in the home and garden, in trade and industry or for sports and leisure. Users can choose from seven torches with different formats and functions. The H-series headlamps offer a constant luminous flux so that the selected brightness can be maintained over a long period of time. All models are equipped with Flex Sealing Technology and are therefore protected against dust and water according to IP67 protection class.

Ready for all work applications: The Work models

Ledlenser produces the Work models for professional use. These extra robust torches provide construction and industrial workers and craftsmen with a constant working light. Thanks to special features, they are also suitable for harsh environments. For example, a non-slip rubber coating protects most models from falls. The extra front screen is shock-resistant and can also be replaced if necessary. The lamps are also protected against damage from chemical substances such as oils, diesel, brake fluid or solvents.

The Work series headlamps are also particularly hard-wearing and are protected against damage from knocks and falls. Natural Light Technology is used in the H7R Work and H15R Work models. Their neutral white light with 4,000 Kelvin has a particularly natural colour rendition. This allows colour spectra to be assessed realistically, and the eyes tire much more slowly, even during prolonged work. All H-series work lamps are supplied with practical accessories, such as an additional silicone band and clips for attaching to helmets.

Signature: High-tech performance for demanding users

Signature is the premium product line from Ledlenser. The three Signature torches of the P-series were designed for demanding outdoor activities. They are characterised by extraordinary technical features and extreme robustness. The hard-anodised surface also protects against wear and corrosion. In addition to the basic features of the core models, the P6R Signature and P7R Signature models have a programmable switch on the lamp head that can be assigned to the preferred lighting functions. This allows direct access to the strobe or red light function, for example. The P18R Signature acts as the flagship of the P series with 4,500 lumens and X-Lens Technology.

The Signature H-series headlamps with particularly natural colour rendition values were also developed for outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the lamps can be controlled and individually configured via app in addition to classic operation. With the extensive range of accessories available separately, they can be used for a wide variety of activities.


The torches and headlamps of the new P and H series are now available in well-assorted specialist shops, and from January 2021 they will also be available in Ledlenser’s online shop:





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