May 2019

the perfect light for every job

Six new Ledlenser construction floodlights and work lamps provide mobile light power with sophisticated extras – in proven quality and with up to seven years warranty.

Solingen, May 2019 – The new Ledlenser i-series provides perfect lighting for professional use in construction, trade and industry. Dark moments in the workplace are a thing of the past with these innovative lamps. Two robust construction floodlights and four flexible work lights expand the product portfolio of the Solingen-based quality company. All lamps are extremely powerful and are powered by a permanently installed rechargeable battery. The new Ledlenser construction floodlights and work lights have a high-quality housing made of metal and plastic as well as LEDs for floodlighting with high- quality chip-on-board technology, which guarantee a homogeneous work light.

Compact, powerful, rechargeable
Craftsmen, construction workers, mechanics and inspectors know the problem: A poorly illuminated work place causes trouble, a difficult to reach or twisty place makes working more difficult. Ledlenser offers the solution with the latest lamps in the i-series. The versatile product range masters a wide range of applications thanks to simple operation, high energy efficiency and flexible mounting options. Battery Status Indicator and Charge Indicator always reliably indicate the current battery or charge status so that there is always enough light for all activities.

iF8R Image

Construction Floodlights

The two construction floodlights iF8R and iF4R are the right choice when it comes to illuminating large rooms or areas. The floodlights are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so there is no need for searching for the nearest socket or endlessly roll out the cable drum. They are extremely robust, very flexible due to their design and can be easily transported with the generous handle. Set up, hang up, fix by magnet – no problem with the new construction floodlights. The output can be regulated in five dimming levels. In addition, iF8R and iF4R have IP54 water and dust protection, which means they can be operated without problems in humid and dusty environments. The built-in cooling technology ensures long endurance without overheating.

The iF8R is the power pack par excellence and provides up to 4500 lumens of enormous luminosity. The luminous intensity can be reduced to 400 lumens in five stages. This still very bright light has a lighting duration of twelve hours. So even a few hours of overtime should no longer be a problem – at least not for the lamp. The largest Ledlenser construction floodlight can be controlled remotely with the smartphone via the “LEDLENSER PRO CONNECT” app – and even with two mobile devices simultaneously. The craftsman simply regulates the brightness, for example when standing on a ladder and wanting to operate the lamp on the floor. Up to four iF8R can be selected simultaneously. Another plus point: with its Powerbank function, the iF8R is the emergency power source for charging mobile phones.

The iF4R is the little brother of the iF8R and scores with its compact size and up to 2500 lumens of light output. It is also made of high-quality aluminium and plastic, offers an efficient cooling system and, like the iF8R, can be positioned extremely flexibly thanks to its magnet in the base and tilting mechanism. Thanks to the Powerbank function, a smartphone can also be charged.


Working lamps - bright down to the last corner

Ledlenser launches four different work lamps with different sizes and characteristics on the market – and in DIY stores. All luminaires have two different light sources: Spotlight with the tried and tested focusing reflector lens and floodlight with chip-on-board LED for uniform, wide illumination. Particularly practical is the magnetic holder with which the work lights can be attached to all metal surfaces, for example a steel support or an engine block.

The iW7R work lamp provides a maximum of 600 lumens of light intensity and enough brightness to do a good job even in a dim environment.

In addition to the wide floodlight, a spotlight with 300 lumens supplies focused brightness. The lamp is adjustable by stand, hook and integrated magnet and easy to attach anywhere. The tilting mechanism of the magnet helps to ideally point the light source. As the largest of the four work lights, the iW7R has a charging station for the battery. It fits the “5-Station Charging Panel” from Ledlenser, with which you can add further lamps to be charged centrally. This station proves to be a successful helper in the eternal battle against tangled cables and plug clutter. As an almost identical little sister of the iW7R, the iW5R is now on the market. It is a bit lighter and achieves an output of 300 lumen maximum.


The smallest work lamp, the iW4R, offers even more room for manoeuvre thanks to an extended tilting mechanism. It fits in any trouser pocket or can be attached to the shirt pocket with the pocket clip. With the Floodlight switched on, you can make your clothes glow with 150 lumens.


iF8R Image

A marvel of flexibility is the iW5R flex. Here the narrow fold-out lamp head is ideally suited for bringing wide-spread floodlight with 600 lumens as well as focused spotlight into hard-to-reach places. Especially in extremely cramped conditions, such as in cable ducts, gaps and engine compartments, it shows its strengths – also with the help of various mounting options such as metal hooks and magnetic base. When the lamphead is folded down, the iW5R flex can be used with the spotlight like a normal flashlight. The application possibilities are unlimited.


Prices and availability

All six construction spotlights and work lights are available immediately or directly from Ledlenser at


Construction floodlight iF8R: 199 Euro, iF4R: 139 Euro (RRP)

Working lights iW7R: 99.90 Euro, iW5R: 69.90 Euro, iW5R flex: 79.90 Euro, iW4R:

39.90 Euro (RRP)