CRI Series

Natural color rendering for quality assurance

Natural Light

Ledlenser’s CRI lamps are specifically designed to meet the needs of electricians, quality inspectors and industrial workers. CRI, or “Color Rendering Index”, describes the color rendering quality of a light source. On this scale the sun reaches the reference value of 100 which in our perception is considered to be “natural light”. The closer a light source gets to this value, the better the colour rendering and objects can be rendered absolutely naturally even in the deepest darkness. This makes the CRI lamps an irreplaceable companion for all those who always have to rely on their eyes.

High quality light requires more than a high lumen value. The color temperature sets the light apart and is much more important for many applications. The Natural Light Technology of the Ledlenser CRI series therefore produces neutral white light with a 4000 Kelvin color temperature and a color rendering index (CRI) of 90. This ensures true color rendering, even in the deep red color range. Without any blue cast and with a natural color saturation. Making it easy to distinguish colors and even assess welds, maps and legends easily. Incidentally, your eyes will not get tired quickly – even after using a CRI light for an extended period of time.

Industrial range penlight with Natural Light

With a CRI rating of more than 90, the neutral white light is ideal for faithful rendering of colors and enhanced perception of contrasts. In addition, eye fatigue, due to working under artificial light for several hours at a time, is reduced. Thanks to the patented Advanced Focus System, the neutral white light distribution can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the task at hand.

  • Natural Light technology ensures natural colors with a CRI of over 90 – ideal for quality control
  • Ready-To-Go charging – Charging station with fixture options, and charging display which serves as a lamp mount at the same time
  • From the homogeneous circle of close range lighting (defocused) to a sharply bundled long-distance beam (focused) – the patented Advanced Focus System with reflector lense enables efficient, tailored lighting
  • Robust metal housing protects the lamp from water and dust: IP54

As natural as daylight

For everyone who wants better quality control: i9 CRI’s Natural Light shows colors just as they appear in daylight. This allows you to inspect welds and electrical connections with absolute accuracy – even in dark surroundings. And if you want to take an even closer look, our Rapid Focus technology lets you focus the light cone with just one hand. So you can see everything at a glance – in true color.

  • Professional, premium-quality torch with natural color rendering
  • Rapid beam adjustment thanks to patented Advanced Focus System
  • Rapid Focus allows for easy operation with just one hand
  • Impressive beam distance and up to 25 hours of operating time
  • Natural Light technology ensures natural colors with a CRI of over 90 – ideal for quality control

Natural light, hands-free.

Ledlenser’s first i-series headlamp with Natural Light offers true colours – and true freedom. Because it frees up your hands when working in dark surroundings – and thanks to its minimal weight and maximal wearing comfort, you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing it. So that you don’t forget to charge your iH7R as well, we added a handy three-level charging indicator. The answer for everyone who likes using their heads when working in the dark.