2020-MH New Series

New features and colors for the MH3, MH5, MH7 and MH11 headlamps 

January 2020:  At the end of January 2020. LEDLENSER, the German lighting specialist, is giving its MH product range of headlamps a comprehensive feature and color upgrade. The MH is now equipped with the practical Magnetic Charge System, which makes charging even more convenient. In addition, it also now sports a red light feature to maintain night vision. The three fresh colour versions black- yellow. Black- orange and black – blue are newly available for the MH3, MH5 and MH7: the flagship MH11 is newly available in black – orange. All innovations are based on extensive customer feedback. Ledlenser is also presenting the Power-case as a practical accessory that enables the headlamps to be carried safely and, at the same time, offers the option of charging them during transport.

Ledlenser MH5-001
Ledlenser MH5


The popular MH5 headlamp has undergone a major upgrade with updated features for 2020. The additional Red LED light on the front side is an important new feature, e.g. for maintaining night vision, and will appeal to demanding users in the outdoor community. 

Frequent travelers to remote regions will also appreciate being able to operate the MH5 with a standard AA battery or with the rechargeable battery. Thanks to the Dual Power Source system, Rechargeable and Disposable Batteries (1x AA Battery) can be used. In addition, the MH5 is now equipped with the Magnetic Charge System, which enables convenient charging via magnetic contact without having to remove the battery from the lamp

With a light output of 400 Lumens, the MH5 achieves lighting with 20 lumens of light output. The MH5 is seamlessly focusable thanks to the Advanced Focus System. The lamp head can be easily clipped off and flexibly attached with the integrated metal clip. At 94 grams, the MH5 is a true lightweight and the ideal outdoor all-rounder.  

Ledlenser MH3
Ledlenser MH3
Ledlenser MH3


The MH3 is an inexpensive entry-level model with considerable features. With 200 lumens of light output, it achieves a lighting range of up to 130 metres. In addition, the MH3 has a low-power feature which, with 20 lumens, can still achieve a lighting range up to 40 metres. 

The Advanced Focus System allows the light beam to be seamlessly focused with one hand.

The MH3 is powered by the supplied AA Battery or alternatively by an optionally available Lithium-Ion Battery.

Overall, the all-round headoffers a better than-average performance package and weighs just 92 grams.