More than a flashlight maker.

The Ledlenser Company

Ledlenser – we are a group of more than 1,500 employees at sites in Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Switzerland, producing a range of flashlights and headlamps unmatched anywhere in the world. But who are the people behind the products and brands? What is our story? Where are we today and where do we want to go in the future? You’ll find illuminating answers on the following pages.

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Ledlenser HF8R Core headlamp
Ledlenser HF8R Core headlamp

It takes 8 mins for the light of the Sun to reach the Earth,

Ours only takes the push of a button

The sun and Ledlenser have something in common: We create light for the whole world! We are devoted to this task with all our energy and capability. The quality products made by Ledlenser prolong daylight and therefore, enable being active when dusk sets in or even during total darkness. They bring light into the darkest corners and in doing so, enable precise and professional work at any time.

Why Choose Ledlenser?
  • One of the global market leaders in portable lights. That includes: Flashlights, headlamps, work lights, floodlights, lanterns, EX-protected lights
  • “German Engineering & Design”: In-house development, production and quality assurance
  • Inventor of the trendsetting and patented Advanced Focus System
  • 7 – year warranty for most products in connection with online registration
  • More than 100 industrial property rights as well as more than 200 awards and prizes for our products
  • More than 650 employees worldwide
  • Company-owned offices in Germany, China, USA, Yespan, Denmark, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, and Malaysia.
  • World-wide collaboration with more than 45 master distributors.
Ledlenser NEO9R NEO series
Ledlenser NEO5R NEO series
Ledlenser NEO3 NEO series
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