Ledlenser X21R


X21R Specification X21R Specification

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Product included: 1 set of rechargeable batteries, Carrying strap, Floating charge system, Mounting material, Power adapter, Roll protection, Tripod connector


Ledlenser X21R

When it comes to the X21R, the figures alone are impressive: 5,000 lm light output with a beam range of up to 800 m and a maximum run time of 40 h.
It’s best described with simply WOW!
The unbelievable beam range of this flashlight will completely amaze its user – its light beam can cross the length of eight soccer fields, which makes it the perfect searchlight!

  • Extreme beam range of 800 m thanks to High Intensity LEDs and adjustable focus
  • Revolutionary rechargeable battery system Safety Ytrion Cell for fast charging and more than 5,000 charge cycles without any noticeable capacity loss
  • Always ready: Floating Charge System with bracket for convenient charging and storage
  • Fast Acton Switch for easy and precise light mode selection
  • Emergency light mode allows switching the light on in the charging station during a power outage


The Ledlenser X-Series

Strong design meets luminous power.

The “X” in the name “X-Series” stands for “extreme”. Because that’s exactly what these flashlights are: Designed for extremes!
They’re sturdy, have an SOS emergency light, blind assailants with their Strobe unction and transform the darkest night into day.
That’s why these lights have survived even the toughest rescue missions, and are popular among many fans of the outdoors.

Additional information

Weight 1.315 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 9.5 cm

Advanced Focus System, Emergency Light, Floating Charge System, Rapid Focus, Safety Ytrion Cell, Smart Light Technology, Temperature Control System, X-LENS Technology

Light Output Max [lm]


Light output Min [lm]


Beam distance Max [m]


Beam distance Min [m]


Run time Max [h]


Run Time Min [h]


Length [mm]


Weight Incl. Batteries (g)


LED Type

7x Xtreme LED



Waterproof Level



7 Years


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