Ledlenser Technologies

From innovative lenses and advanced light functions to future-oriented power supplies – we work tirelessly to improve our technology to further expand our lead.

Here are some examples:

Multi-Core Optics

Multi-Core Optics

Multi-Core Optics harness and direct the light emitted from extremely powerful, next-generation LEDs. The special faceted lens tames and directs the light, resulting in a homogeneous beam and aesthetic illumination.

Multi-Core Optics
Flex Sealing Technology

Flex Sealing Technology

The innovative Flex Sealing Technology ensures that the electronic parts of the lamp head are completely sealed off, to protect against the penetration of water and dust. This flexible system maintains the seal, even when the Advanced Focus System is used. The focus can even be used underwater.

Flex Sealing Technology

Fusion Beam

By combining different LEDs and lenses, lamps with Fusion Beam have a unique, application-optimized illumination. This simultaneously enables a homogenous close-up wide flood beam and sharply focused long-distance beam. The intensity of the flood and spot beams can be individually adjusted thanks to independent controls for each light source.



Galileo swore by the power of lenses; Newton by the power of reflectors. We have simply combined the two technologies – only better than anyone before. The result: our patented Advanced Focus System (AFS), which allows a seamless transition from homogeneous low beam to sharply focused high beam.

Cooling Technology

Cooling Technology (CT) ensures your head stays cool even when your lamp is at maximum power. Our CT products reduce LED heat to the optimal level by means of the intelligent use of cooling elements. This technology is also used to cool computer chips and ensures highly efficient use of energy, increased illuminating power, and especially long-lasting LEDs.

Dual Power Source

Our Dual Power Source allows you to use the full performance of your Ledlenser at any time – no matter what power source you have available. Because this technology recognises the power source. You can therefore choose between the rechargeable Ledlenser battery or a disposable battery. Extremely practical for long trips without a power point.

Emergency Light

This feature turns your flashlight into an emergency light: If the power goes out while your Ledlenser is on the charging base, it will automatically turn on. So the light helps you find your way around, e.g. to the breaker panel.

Grab-and-go wireless charging. The Floating Charge System is a wall-mounted magnetic charging system, making the light ready to go with a simple flick of the wrist. It also offers USB charging with an adapter system that can be plugged into standard outlets or car lighters.

With the Magnetic Charge System, the charging cable can be quickly and easily attached to the lamp. The connection for charging the battery is made via magnetic contacts. When the contacts approach, the charging cable automatically pairs with the lamp. The connection is automatically released under load.

Micro Prism

Our innovative lens technology features an optical microstructure, which provides both glare-free light distribution and high efficiency at the same time. It ensures a downward beam that is up to three times stronger than conventional scattered light lenses and therefore provides optimal light distribution in the room, regardless of whether the light sits on a table or hangs from the ceiling. It creates a brighter view, whether used indoors or outdoors.

Natural Light

In some situations, not all light is the same. Ledlenser therefore not only supplies extremely bright, but also extremely natural light: Natural Light produces light with a color rendering index (CRI) over 90. This ensures true color rendering, even in the deep red color range.

Ledlenser’s CRI lamps are specifically designed to meet the needs of electricians, quality inspectors and industrial workers. CRI, or “Color Rendering Index”, describes the color rendering quality of a light source. On this scale the sun reaches the reference value of 100 which in our perception is considered to be “natural light”. The closer a light source gets to this value, the better the colour rendering and objects can be rendered absolutely naturally even in the deepest darkness. This makes the CRI lamps an irreplaceable companion for all those who always have to rely on their eyes. This makes the CRI series an irreplaceable tool for anybody always relying on their eyes.

High quality light requires more than a high lumen value. The color temperature sets the light apart and is much more important for many applications. The Natural Light Technology of the Ledlenser CRI series therefore produces neutral white light with a 4000 Kelvin color temperature and a color rendering index (CRI) of 90. This ensures true color rendering, even in the deep red color range. Without any blue cast and with a natural color saturation. Making it easy to distinguish colors and even assess welds, maps and legends easily. Incidentally, your eyes will not get tired quickly – even after using a CRI light for an extended period of time.

Why Ledlenser Natural Light is different to standard Ledlenser LED light?

Optisense Technology

Whether it’s dusk, dim or pitch black, Optisense Technology allows your Ledlenser to automatically adapt to the surrounding light conditions. The innovative dimmer controls luminosity based on the reflection of its own light and prevents glare.


Even in the most remote corners of the world, you’ll never again have to worry about any device’s battery running out. Some Ledlenser Lights have a Powerbank function so they can easily be used as charging stations to recharge any device quickly via a USB connection.

Rapid Focus

When focusing or defocusing the flashlight or headlamp, the reflector lens moves in relation to the LED. To ensure this process is as quick and ergonomic as possible we developed Rapid Focus: a single-hand mechanism that allows the light beam to be adjusted as fast as lightning.

Ledlenser Rapid Focus System
Safety Ytrion Cell

A Safety Ytrion Cell is significantly lighter than a nickel-metal hydride battery and charges up to five times faster than a lithium-ion battery. At the same time, it offers more than 5000 charging cycles with almost zero loss of capacity “Memory Effect”.

Smart Light Technology

This innovation turns a Ledlenser into your personal lighting tool: A micro-controller allows individual ranges of functions to be programmed to different touch and switch combinations. That way, you always have the perfect light mode at hand.

Temperature Control

Our lights stay cool, even when they work hard. Thanks to the intelligent and fully automated temperature control, a Ledlenser never gets too hot, no matter how much it’s used. This protects you from burns and the LED from overheating.

Wide Beam

Our wide beam format takes into account that the human field of vision is around 180° degrees horizontally and only around 130° degrees vertically. The oval shape of the light and the Wide Beam technology makes things twice as safe: not only allowing you to see more, but also to be seen from every angle.

X-Lens Technology

This technology is an enhancement of the Advanced Focus System (AFS). It can merge virtually any number of reflector lenses and synchronizes their individual light beams into a perfect beam, resulting in a high-grade, homogeneous floodlight in unfocused mode and our most sharply focused high beam to date.