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I would say this is one of the best headlamps in the market. The features and the price is worth the investment. Neo10R is the top performer from the Neo series. The design fits your head comfortably and avoids the headlamp shaking while running. The lights come with 600 lumens that can last for 10 hr will get you through the night with confidence. The light also comes with a chest strap for various purposes, which you can change easily. it comes with a rechargeable battery that is easy to use, you can set the focus beam with just a twist. With IPX4 rating I wouldn’t worry about rain or water splash. It also comes with low battery warning, with only one battery it’s easy and fast to change.

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A headlamp that serves trail runners in all categories. With only 158 g in weight, it’s a lightweight headlamp and well balance. Since the battery is located behind the head. The lights come with 600 lumens that can last for 10 hr will get you through the night with confidence. I personally use the maximum lumens and enjoy the trails. With IPX4 rating I wouldn’t worry about rain or water splash. It’s easy to use and you can set the focus beam with just a twist. Easy to charge with rechargeable battery.

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The top end of NEO series in Ledlenser, presenting Ledlenser NEO10R headlamp. Its provide huge amount of light and a long battery life come with rechargeable battery.
The Ledlenser NEO10R headlamp has a focusable, swivel head and a constant current mode to ensure a steady supply of light through your route. The battery case can be remove. Battery case come with feature of a blinking rear light to help you to be seen. A chest strap come together with the pack.

Ledlenser NEO10R spec as below:

    • Man Lumen: 600
    • Min Lumen: 10
    • Light Functions: Power > Low Power > Mid Power
    • Beam Distance: Max: 150 meter, Min: 20 meter
    • Burn Time: Max: 120 hours, Min: 10 hours
    • Additional Features: Rear light (red)
    • Battery Type: Rechargeable
    • Charge Time: 6 hours
    • Total Weight: 179 grams

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By pressing the button on front of your headlamp in quick succession cycles through three option. Default setting was set bright to dull.

Mode 1: 600 lumens
Mode 2: 250 lumens
Mode 3: 10 lumens

In the box comes the headlamp, a rechargeable battery, a chest strap, an extension cable for those that don’t want to wear on their head, a charging USB cable and instructions.

There are two modes:

    • Energy Saving Mode that delivers a longer run time
    • Constant Current Mode that optimizes for lumen output (brightness) but at the expense of run time.

Pressing the button on the front of the torch in quick succession cycles through these three options. I had set on bright to dull but you can switch modes, and have it cycle through from dull to bright. It seems there is little difference between 1 and 2 in terms of brightness and then 3 is dull. However, according to the manual Mode 1 is 600 lumens, mode 2 = 250 lumens and then mode 3 = 10 lumens.

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There is a Patented Advanced focusing optics that give the ability to zoom the light for a spot beam (for distance illumination) or a flood beam (for near illumination). To control this, you turn the dial on the front of the headlamp.

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The NEO10R has the battery placed vertically. There was no slipping and I did not feel the need to use the battery extension cable to remove it from my head. There is a small red light (not blinking) integrated on to the back of the battery which I liked.

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I have not tested it fully yet in one go. If it’s on full power (600 lumens) it is reported to last 10hrs, on medium power 15hours and on the lowest power 120hours. NEO10R was more comfortable with the battery positioned vertically. It’s a close-run thing! Warranty 7 years.

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My spare NEO4. It weighs 100g, takes 3 AAA batteries. It has two energy modes (energy saving (6hrs on the higher power 240 lumens) and constant (3hrs on the higher power 150 lumens).

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Roger Choo

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The Ledlenser MH10- only the best and nothing like the rest for extreme temperatures” 

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