Research & Development

research and developmentt

Sparks of inspiration serve as our preferred illumination source.

To ensure that these brilliant moments of inspiration materialize into top-tier portable lighting products, we dedicate numerous months to researching and developing during the design and engineering phases. Our success hinges on two pivotal components of our operation: the expertise of our design and engineering teams in Germany and the manufacturing proficiency in China.

Our development hub in Solingen acts as our “illumination laboratory.” It’s where we brainstorm and refine product ideas, create designs, and fashion prototypes. Our motivation stems from the challenge of innovatively meeting the demands of the next product generation, harmonizing functionality, design, and performance in a smart and novel manner.

Our manufacturing prowess is centralized at our company-owned facility in Yangjiang, China. Here, every product undergoes rigorous testing and production, from prototype to large-scale manufacturing. Our stringent quality control checklist encompasses 24 criteria, addressing various potential stressors: endurance, extreme temperatures, water, salt, impact, pressure. Each product is meticulously checked and tested until it withstands all challenges and meets our stringent quality standards.

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