The Camping Light

the Great Outdoors Seen in a New Light

No matter how far away from civilization you are, the ML6 has you covered.  Now there’s nothing to stop you from creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere, wherever you are.

  • State-of-the-art lens technology for glare-free light and high efficiency
  • With 3 switches for intuitive and easy operation, a built-in battery indicator, and lighting that can be smoothly dimmed and brightened
  • Power bank with USB connection for recharging electronic devices like cell phones, etc.
  • Fluorescent elements to make it easier to find the light in the dark
  • Rubber hook for hanging the light, integrated magnet for mounting it on metal surfaces, and a removable stand with an extra built-in metal hook that can be flipped out to provide more light mounting options
  • Boost, Power, Low Power, Pulse, Blink, S.O.S., Strobe
  • White and Red LED
The Industrial Lantern


No matter how many nooks and crannies your workspace has, the iA6R lights it up perfectly. So nothing stands in the way of a professionally lit workspace.

  • State of the art lens technology for glare-free light and high energy efficiency
  • 3 switches for intuitive, easy operation, continuous dimming and built-in battery indicator
  • Power bank with USB port for charging electronics, e.g. cell phone, etc.
  • Useful integrated amber light function
  • Rubber hook for hanging, built-in magnet to secure on metal surfaces, and detachable base with additional builtin folding metal hook
  • Boost, Power, Low Power, Pulse, Blink, Position, Strobe
  • White LED and Orange LED Indicator 
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