Workers Friend

Innovative 4-in1 lamp

The Worker’s Friend by Ledlenser is more than just a lamp.

The Worker’s Friend by Ledlenser is more than just a lamp. There are 4 different lamps integrated into this one ingenious system which perfectly masters the most diverse requirements.

Angled corners, working compartments, pipes, engines – no matter where you want to bring light to, the Worker’s Friend always is the right instrument to take with you. especially mechanics, handymen, tinkerers, grease monkeys or facility managers will find great joy in the worker’s friend.

Workers Friend

The Worklights


Durable Multi-purpose Lights For True Professionals

The Floodights


The Compact Floodlights With Bluetooth Control

Construction site. Not enough light. Your light source is suspended three meters above you on a steel beam and you want to light up the dark as quick as possible? No problem! With the iF8R now!

  • Remote control option via Bluetooth® app
  • Five brightness with a light output of up to 4,500 lumen
  • Up to 12 hours battery life
  • Large, tough handle for easy transport
  • Built-in power bank supplies power for cellphones and other devices.