Laser Engraving
Ideal for Corporate Gift

Preview of the available fonts

You can specify your desired engraving on any engravable product directly on the product detail page. There is a text field and a choice of four possible fonts. You can see these here to get a more detailed idea. The maximum length of the text is 20 characters!

Choose your favorite and the lamp will be individually engraved for you in this style!

How to insert a heart as a special character on the desktop computer:

♥ = ALT key + 3 (on the number pad).
If you don’t have a numeric keypad – for example, if you are currently on your laptop – please press the Fn key (function key) in addition to the number.

Either use the Character Browser (a small tool for inserting special characters on Mac OS) or copy the characters from elsewhere (such as the heart below).

On the cell phone, you can use the stored icons in the keyboard field.

Ledlenser K6R Engraving 001
OLEON engraving on EX4
engraving picture ledlenser


We are also happy to engrave our B2B customers with the desired logo from a quantity of 50 lamps. If you are interested, we will be happy to put you in direct contact with the distributors of our promotional products.

Identification of Ownership
or as a Gift

Whether on the construction site, in the workshop, or the barn: wherever many people store materials and objects together, it can help if things are labeled with a name. Or makes your loved ones shine even more: an individual engraving on our items. 

To give the high-quality products an exclusive and personal touch, Ledlenser offers the engraving service. This makes it very easy to create individual gifts and lamps! Unfortunately, the engraving service is not available for all Ledlenser products, as products made of plastic, for example, cannot be engraved. Therefore, we have listed below which products can be customized without any problems. You will also find the engraving option on the respective product detail pages. If this option cannot be found, the selected product cannot be engraved.

A maximum of 20 characters is possible. On the product page, you can add a personal engraving text in a font of your choice for the product under the item “Engraving” and make a binding booking. The engraving is then added to the order and appears as a separate item in the shopping cart.

The following lamps can be engraved:


MT series: MT6, MT18

P-Series Core: All lamps of the series

P-Series Work: All lamps of the series

P-Series Signature: All lamps of the series

K-series: All lamps of the series

X-series: X21R


All lanterns in the series


All lamps in the series

Advertising Material from Ledlenser

Also a bright idea in advertising.

A Ledlenser light helps develop great customer relations. A Ledlenser, after all, is always a special gift: It is highly useful, has an elegant appearance, is extremely reliable and has what it takes to be a lasting companion. Giving a Ledlenser light as a gift makes a statement, showing appreciation and respectability.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to turning our lights into personalized business gifts. With the most modern of lasers we are able to fashion our products based on your desires. We also pack them so that you make an impression just presenting your gift.

Do you wish to learn more about giving Ledlenser lights as business gifts? Then please use the contact form below.

ZOLAQ P6R Core QC engraving 001
branding engraving 001

Corporate Order

Ledlenser has in house, state-of-the-art laser engraving machinery, operated by skilled and experienced staff to ensure that your product is engraved with a perfect, striking and everlasting finish. We are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of the engraving!

For quantities below 50 units, engraving will be done within 3 – 5 days. (Depending on stock availability)

For corporate orders or special requests please contact us for a quote.

Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 07 – 287 2326
Office: 07 – 287 2326

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