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Once our lights shine their bright beams, they can no longer be overlooked: Not even by the experts. This has been demonstrated by around 200 awards, prizes and test ratings for more than 70 of our flashlights and headlamps. For example, for the lights listed below.

Ledlenser P6R Signature /  Ledlenser P7R Signature

The high-quality flashlight series presents itself particularly powerful with extreme brightness and also wins with regards to material quality.
These rechargeable premium flashlights of the signature series have a programmable mode switch on the head that allows for individual assignment of different lighting functions. This grants direct access to the strobe or red-light features for improved night vision. It is available in the colour combination espresso / black and is waterand dustproof (IP68). Thanks to its hard-anodised surface the casing makes the flashlight resistant to wear and corrosion.
csm 2020 PD RD 78f8679b5a
With modern technologies and a reduced design, the torch series was equipped in such a way that it reliably meets the most varied needs.
The three torches with different sizes and power levels provide efficient and tailor-made light thanks to innovative technologies. For example, the light output in boost mode ranges from 500 lumens for the P5R Core to 1,400 lumens for the P7R Core. A flicker-free light image is just as typical for the robust torch series as the individual programming feature, where the various light functions can be called up in any order and the memory mode remembers the last setting.
csm 2021 PD RD 2a96fb376b
The three beautifully designed torches combine solid light output with small size and light weight.
Because of their small size and light weight, the elegantly designed and at the same time quite powerful torches fit comfortably into any handbag or trouser pocket. The smallest of the torches, the P3 Core, with a size of only 96 mm and a weight of 42 grams including the batteries, has a light output of up to 90 lumens, while the P6 Core, the largest of the three models, can achieve up to 300 lumens with three AAA batteries. From circular close-up light to sharply focused long-distance light, the light cones can be easily changed with a sliding mechanism.
csm 2021 PD RD 2a96fb376b
01 ml6
LED lantern
No matter how far away from civilization you are, the ML6 has you covered. State-of-the-art lens technology ensures optimal light distribution with maximum energy efficiency. Glare-free illumination of your surroundings makes it easy to pick the perfect spot for the light. Its hook, removable stand and magnet mean that all possibilities are covered. The ML6 can also be used as a power bank to recharge other electronic devices. Now there’s nothing to stop you from creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere, wherever you are.
03 if design award 2019 landscape
Ledlenser MH10 headlamp
Ledlenser MH10 headlamp
LED headlamp
The MH10 is with 600 lm (power modus) the lightest Ledlenser headlamp in its brightness category ˗ for those who seek extremes in the outdoors. Rich on features and performance, it is equipped with a red backlight as standard and with color filters for various applications. It offers various features more as well as Advanced Focus System with Rapid Focus. Its USB 3.0 charging system provides an international standard. Thanks to the transport lock, the MH10 will not switch on accidentally. Lights from Ledlenser meet precisely high standards of quality in terms of functionality and design. We call it “technology engineered in Germany”.
03 if design award 2019 landscape
gsa24readerprize gitsecurity

Ledlenser P7R Work UV

The GIT SICHERHEIT AWARD is a coveted prize in the security industry. Every April, a neutral jury with representatives from user groups, integrators, associations and experts selects products and systems from a large number of applications for voting. The utility value, the economic efficiency of a product, the degree of innovation and also the significance for the market are discussed and evaluated. Subsequently, the readers of GIT SICHERHEIT as well as the international GIT SECURITY EMEA, the market vote on who the respective winners are in their categories.

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