Don’t Ruin Your Camping Trip with Poor Lighting: Choose the Right Lantern



In Malaysia, camping is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with nature, bonding with family and take in the breathtaking surroundings. It’s not just a thrilling and entertaining outdoor activity; it also has a lot of positive effects on one’s health and well-being. Being outdoors can elevate mood, lower stress levels, and encourage physical exercise.


Camping also offers a special opportunity to unwind and refresh since it enables you to connect with nature and disconnect from the demands of everyday life.

Yet, it's crucial to come equipped with the necessary equipment,

including a dependable and high-quality lantern, in order to have a successful and fun camping trip.


We will be discussing the Ledlenser ML-Series lanterns and how they can provide dependable lighting and greatly improve your camping experience. 

All ML-Series lanterns come with their own rechargeable Li-ion battery. It will assist you in reducing waste and saving money. Plus, with features like Low Battery Warning, Charge Indicator, and Battery Indicator, you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge.

ML4 & ML4 Warm Light

One of the standout features of the ML-Series lanterns is their IP Rating, which means that they have resistant to dust and water. This makes them perfect for use in even the harshest outdoor environments.

The ML-Series lanterns also have extra features like a transportation lock and red light. For ML6 & ML6 Connect WL, they have more advanced features such as Dimmable, Memory modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and an Emergency Light.
So, whether you’re on a solo camping trip or spending time with friends and family, the Ledlenser ML-Series lanterns are the perfect lighting solution to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures.

Pick your lanterns

High quality and dependable lantern light

The ML4 Series is a compact and lightweight version of the Ledlenser ML-Series of lanterns, designed to provide reliable and powerful lighting in a small package. Despite its small size, the ML4 still delivers impressive brightness and durability. 
Weighing just 71g and measuring 97mm in height and 34.5mm in diameter, the ML4 is highly portable and perfect for outdoor activities where space is at a premium.
The ML4 lantern can emit up to 300 lumens of brightness and offers four power modes to suit various lighting needs. 
These modes are Boost, Power, Mid, and Low Power, with each mode capable of generating 300lm, 150lm, 50lm, and 5lm respectively. 

The ML4 Warm Light provides the same functionality as ML4 but with a warm white light, creating a more natural and comfortable ambience for your campsite. 

ML4 Warm Light is softer to the eyes and creates a more natural and comfortable ambience to your surrounding.

Both ML4 and ML4 Warm Light come with IP66 Rating giving them resistance to both dust and water. Suitable to use in the rain, heavy storms, water splashing and other water activities.

More Powerful Variation

If you’re looking for a more powerful and versatile lantern, the ML6 is a perfect choice.

The ML6 lantern is a high-performance and powerful variant compared to the ML4, with the ability to emit an impressive 750 lumens of brightness and a 3200 mAh battery capacity that can last up to 70 hours on Low Power mode. 

Despite its power, the ML6 weighs only 280g, and has a height of 178mm and a diameter of 42mm, making it a highly portable and space-saving option that won’t weigh you down on your outdoor adventures.


The ML6 and ML6 Warm Light offer three distinct modes, namely Boost, Power, and Low Power. Further, it also has Blink, Pulse, SOS, and Strobe, enabling it to adapt to different kinds of scenarios. 

Furthermore, with a built-in power bank, it is capable of charging other devices on the go, making it an invaluable asset on extended outdoor excursions.


The ML6 also has dimmable features that allow you to adjust the brightness to your specific preferences, and it remembers your last setting for added convenience. 

Same as ML4, the ML6 Warm Light also comes with a warm light variation if you prefer a more subdued and softer lighting environment and enjoy the night sky.


ML6 Warm Light come with IP66 Rating which suitable to be for all water activities.

While ML6 come with IP54 Rating which is suitable for water splashing but not against heavy rain and submersion.

The Next Level

For those who want to take their camping experience to the next level, this one is for you.
The ML6 Connect WL is a smart lantern that can be controlled via Bluetooth using the Ledlenser Connect App. This makes it ideal for tech-savvy outdoor enthusiasts who want more control over their lighting. 
The app allows you to customize the brightness, colour, and other settings of the lantern, as well as access remote control features.

The ML6 Connect WL is a high-performance lantern, similar to the ML6, but with added features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a dedicated app from Ledlenser, mid-power mode, Position, and Alpine Emergency Signal in addition to Blink, Pulse, Strobe, and SOS functions. 

It has 200 hours of run time on Low Power mode and adjustable light brightness via Ledlenser Connect apps.


The ML6 Connect WL has a weight of 260g, height of 178mm, and diameter of 47mm, it is highly portable and includes a built-in power bank. Its versatility and brightness make it a valuable tool for outdoor activities.

It also has an IP66 rating which makes it suitable to use in rain, heavy storms and only water-related activities.


In summary, the Ledlenser ML-Series are among the best lantern light in the market. Whether you’re looking for a compact and sustainable option or a powerful and versatile lantern with customizable features, the ML-Series has got you covered. 

Don’t let poor lighting ruin your camping experience, choose a Ledlenser ML-Series lantern and enjoy the great outdoors with confidence!

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