W4R Work – Latest addition and successor to iW4R



Compact and Versatile Worklight: Perfect for Your Workshop Needs

Working in a workshop can be challenging, especially when the lighting is unreliable. This becomes a hassle for those involved in mechanical work and wiring, where low visibility can lead to mistakes. However, there’s a solution to this problem—a reliable and portable worklight that is accessible whenever you need it.


Introducing the W4R Work,

the latest addition to our Work Series launched in 2023. This compact and versatile worklight is designed specifically for electricians, plumbers, painters/varnishers, construction workers, and car mechanics.

Why should you consider the W4R Work? Let’s delve into its key features and improvements.

Key Features of W4R Work as a worklight?

Ledlenser W4R Work 502733

Rechargeable and Convenient

The W4R Work is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a USB-C port for easy charging. Simply use the included USB-C to USB-C cable with any compatible charger or cable. This eliminates the need to frequently change batteries, providing convenience and cost savings.

Ledlenser W4R Work 502733

Flexible Clip

Another reason why you should consider W4R Work is the flexibility. It has a clip that you can attach to your vest or front pocket making it portable light without holding it. You also make it accessible to reach, without having to store it in the bag.

Ledlenser W4R Work 502733

Built-in magnet & 180° Swivel Mechanism

and also you can stick the base of the W4R Work on any metal surface because the base is made from a magnet. The swivel mechanism also gives the W4R Work to operate at various angles up to 180°. There are various ways to utilise this feature to give you the best user experience and improve your workflow.

Aside from the cool 180° magnetic fold and clip features, it also a powerful and reliable worklight.

Firstly, it have 2 types of light; focused area Spot light and wide area Flood light. It can deliver 100 lumens and 220 lumens maximum output respectively. It can last up to 2 hours in Spotlight mode and 9 hours in Floodlight mode.

While iW4R (previous version) only able to provides 75 lumens for Spot light, 150 lumens for Flood light and only able to last 4 hours in Flood light mode.

It also tell you when your battery is running low

It will shows a rapid 2 blink while functioning, giving you a warning that you are running out of battery. It will not suddenly shutdown and leaving you in the dark.

One of the way to utilise this feature, is while running on high power and it blink two times, then you can directly switch to Low Power mode. Giving you extended light source for considerable amount of time.


You can use W4R Work while wearing glove

With big button for turning on & off, you can use it while wearing a glove. Very helpful especially when your are working with sharp or heavy tools that required safe handling while wearing glove.


The built quality is robust and durable

When you are doing work in the workshop or visiting site, robust and durable W4R Work is your go-to option. Not having to worry that it will break or suddenly broke down, will put your mind to ease.


Ledlenser W4R Work 502733

It has a durable full plastic housing, with a non-slip structure with a nubbed surface ensuring a strong grip when handling the worklight and also easy to clean. With IP54 certification, it ensures that the W4R Work can be used in challenging conditions like rain and mud.

Just make sure to securely close the cover to ensure its protection.

Not only that, it also come with Transportation Lock

To prevent any accidental switch-ons during transport, W4R Work has a setting of Transportation lock. To activate the transportation lock, press and hold the button for more than 5 seconds while it’s off. It will show a short rapid blink, which means the transportation lock is on.

Press and hold the button for more than 5 seconds to inactivate the transportation lock. It will show a short rapid blink again to show its unlock.

So many features, and there are more…

Top efficiency, ultra-compact, absolutely robust and perfect light picture.

W4R Work is guaranteed to be a flicker-free worklight and provides a more comfortable, reliable, and consistent lighting experience, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively in various situations without the negative effects of flickering lights.


It also come with 7 year-warranty by Ledlenser. A commitment by Ledlenser to the customer. A worklight that is design to help you get the job done.

In conclusion, Ledlenser W4R Work are;

  1. brighter with up to 150 lumens compared to iW4R,
  2. cost-saving & sustainable with an exchangeable, rechargeable battery, and USB-C port,
  3. Able to provide light sourcing from various angles and built-in magnets,
  4. Low battery warning for better power management with a low battery indicator,
  5. perfect for robust working environments with a nubbed surface for strong grip,
  6. Transport lock

Get your W4R Work;

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